Over the past 2 years, only 3 books got me reading until their end.

The first, titled Mountain Beyond Mountains by Dr. Paul Farmer, a book chuck into my hands by a close friend. Unbeknownst to me, it was the book that inspired and got me moving out of nursing to explore technology with its unknown, depth and intricacies. It’s a book about the struggles of a doctor and ultimately building a health system for the people his life crossed passed with.

The second, Big Debt Crisis by Ray Dalio, breaks down the history of the financial crisis with the reasons and policies behind it. How the decisions of governments and the finance industries can alleviate or aggravate events that could vastly affect the finances of the country. It gives a valuable perspective and insight on how the market works. (Took me a long while to complete it though :))

The current, lent by a friend, fresh off his recent books purchasing galore, People, Power and Profits by Joseph E. Stiglitz, talks about true wealth, not through exploitation and rent-seeking. Where a country’s measure of success is a result of increasing knowledge and research, and where the growth of an efficient and stable economy is shared fairly. That is wealth creation. A nation with increasing GDP, contributed only by the top % of its citizens, accompanied by a deteriorating environment and depleting resources does not bode well for its citizens, environment and the economy.

Technology weaves through every part of the system, and has been knitted into our daily lives, and even if I never was interested in finance and the economy, it has got me reading up the many thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. very formidable indeed.

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