yarn init
yarn add express
npx tsc —init
yarn add typescript ts-node
yarn add @types/express
npx ts-node src/index.ts


docker build image -t projectName
docker image ls
docker image rm projectid
docker run -p portFrom:portTo projectName
docker container ls -a
docker container rm containerID
docker ps -a (docker images path location)


kubectl create deployment projectname —image=imagePath OR
kubectl create -f deployment.yml

kubectl get deployments
kubectl get pods
kubectl get events
kubectl config view
kubectl describe pods/projectID
kubectl expose -f deployment.yml --type=LoadBalancer —name=projectname
minikube ssh (curl to check the given url by kubenetes server)
kubectl get service
minikube tunnel (this allows kubectl to assign a random url to minikube to expose service)

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