Over the past 2 years, only 3 books got me reading until their end. The first, titled Mountain Beyond Mountains by Dr. Paul Farmer, a book chuck into my hands by a close friend. Unbeknownst to me, it was the book that inspired and got me moving out of nursing to explore technology with its […]


Listened to this podcast while commuting A research scientist in Toyota working on deep learning simulation for high image resolution needed to learn dev-ops to scale their testing. Tools used: docker, kubernetes, Beegfs. Why beegfs though? He did mention that there were db that could store up to 700gb until a point that they […]

Random reads to keep

Companies that does vulnerability scanning Encrypted Database and todos From the discussions, when a company has a encrypted database(s)– It needs to be backedup– backups needs to be tested and verified using a snapshot on a separate vm instance– if it was encrypted, the generated keys need to be saved– there are ITCP audits that […]

Jest, Puppeteer or ?Nightwatch

After using nightwatch we decided to switch to using jest and puppeteer for the many more apis and functionalities to support our wordpress plugin and chrome extension. A note here though that puppeteer only supports chrome/chromium. If you need to test cross browsers, nightwatch may be better with their browser drivers. To setup jest and […]

Ubuntu auto script

So I was pretty tired of updating every single server I was messing around with for experimental purpose so I decided to create an auto scripting for the usual ‘apt update && apt upgrade’ command Go to your server Go to the folder where Cron exists. Cron is a time-based scheduler that allows daily, weekly, […]