And how I setup my basic env on a new macOS when the previous one died.

Open Terminal in MacGo to home brew —> download brew sh (Package manager for MacOS)brew install git —> after installing nvm follow instruction on screen check bash profile I probably need to do some editing to make it readable… but for now personal notes. 😀

What Tor Browser taught me about signature verification

What I wanted was to download Tor Browser into macOS, along the way, I found what it means to verify a signature/ fingerprint of the downloaded application. And I should never trust anything I downloaded… So first I headed to and click on download tor browser. I had to select my operating system, macOS, english. […]

Setting up website from scratch

Setting up a wordpress site on your own server. Follow the instructions. 😀 purchase a domain (namecheap) Generate your ssh keys for later when you are required to add your public key in digital ocean and to ssh into your server. cd to your ssh folder  ~/.sshto generate the keys directly there setup a […]